Road trip to Leeds – EN

As mentioned  in a previous post, we will soon go to Leeds to attend the “study weekend” with other European children and adolescents with Koolen-de Vries syndrome. We are having high expectations and are looking forward to the meeting but in all honesty I must admit that we are also a little afraid of confrontation with other Kool kids.

The first issue is off course our trip to Leeds. Plan A was to go to Leeds Bradford International Airport, but as there are no flights from Brussels nor Charleroi, nor Ostend nor Lille, we had to switch to Plan B. The combination of the flight, the route to Amsterdam and waiting at Schiphol aggregated would not be very time-efficient. Plan B has become a road trip; the first for the four of us and even the first of Benoit and me together. With the car we will be for 7 hours on the road -including train, excluding waiting time for the train- from our home to the hotel. And the tickets are booked, so there’s no way back!

We find it actually a great opportunity to try a short road trip considering we have been thinking for a long time to travel to the south by car. The advantage is that this time we have a break from driving on the train, so I expect no problems at all. And if we do have issues, at least we know that our summer holiday by car is to be postponed…

Lots of love!

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